Soli Open Stage
Soli Open Stage #potsdamhelpsukrainians

Thanks a lot for this fantastic #soliopenstage last friday at @Club Mitte 🤘 We enjoyed performing very much and would like to invite you again to join in. Rehearsals are every friday, so if you are interested in playing music together, please feel welcome to write us via instagram or mail ( See you! #music #bandcoaching #musicbringspeopletogether #openspace #potsdamerszene #refugeeswelcome

Fotos by Markus Konczak

Live Recording Session 2021 @Clubmitte
Live Recording Session 2021 @Clubmitte

Some impressions of our live recording session for our EP "Session". Available for free:

Fotos by Thomas Paelecke

Sounds United @ Wortklänge Open Air 2021
Sounds United @ Wortklänge Open Air 2021 Untertitel

On 10th of september we had the pleasure to perform at the Wortklänge Open Air 2021 @freiland. Thanks for this opportunity <3

Am 10.09.2021 waren wir mit Sounds United beim Wortklänge Open Air 2021 zu Gast und haben auf der Bühne unsere Titel zum Besten gegeben 🙂 Danke für diesen schönen Abend ❤

Fotos by Thomas Paelecke

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