Our Sounds United team 2023 + 2024
Our Sounds United team 2023 + 2024


Martin Milner is a musician, community music coach and teacher working in making music, education, integration and bringing the pieces together. He comes up with a bunch of experiences bringing people together in music projects, working with children, young people and adults in challenging phases of life, as well as working as a professional musician in Germany and England. Further information:

Charlie, a qualified music teacher and music educator, brings a wealth of expertise to the world of music. As an experienced band coach, Charlie has mastered the basics of all band instruments, with a focus on guitar, bass and vocals. Not only does Charlie give professional music lessons in these instruments, but also shares their knowledge and passion on YouTube.With a wide range of skills and a deep understanding of the musical world, Charlie is always keen to share their passion for music and guide others on their own musical journey of discovery.

Martin is a passionate musician and teacher. He supervises the workshops around People With instrumentes

Rina is a cultural worker and DJane, she's a overall organizing talent and makes up the DJ Lounge**

Our rock bandcoach Charlie
Our rock bandcoach Charlie


This is your Sounds United Team - hello there! Our coaches and your friends in good and bad band-times are Charlie, Marvin and Adi. They are on your side to push your band forward, to help your processes keep going and growing and to support your skills on your instrument. Lea is the master of disaster and organizes the flow of the project.

If you would like to join our bands just write a mail or message via Instagram/ Facebook. You will find our rehearsal dates on our website. Please just follow this link:

You are welcome ! #project #potsdam #refugeeswelcome #music #bandsessions #rehearsals #team #coaches
Foto: Thomas Paelecke/ Pelicam Productions

Say hello to our teammate & bandcoach Charlie :)

Name: Charlie |
Date of birth: 24.03.2001 |
Instruments: guitar, bass, vocals |
Bands & Projects: solo project and some (semi-professional) rock bands |

Jobs & Qualifications: studying music in social work, qualified bandcoach |
Favourite music: any type of rock music is top tier (especially pop punk and indie) |
Hobbies/ Interests: mainly music - I‘m sort of a nerd regarding Harry Potter, Marvel and Supernatural and like to work out |

Foto by Thomas Paelecke

Our groovy Allrounder bandcoach Adi
Our groovy Allrounder bandcoach Adi

Say hello to our teammate and third bandcoach Adi, who is allrounder and Co-Coach for both bands :)

Name: Adrian Magler
Date of birth: 14.05.1985
Instruments: Guitars, Bass, Touchguitar, Keys, Drums

Bands & Projects: A Moment´s Vision, December Night, My Inner Circle
Jobs & Qualifications: Musician, Audio Engineer, Music & Media Producer, Coach

Favourite music: Metal, Ambient, Instrumental, Pop
Hobbys/ Interests: Music, Nature

Our funky bandcoach Marvin
Our funky bandcoach Marvin

Say hello to our teammate and bandcoach Marvin :)

Name: Marvin Beil
Date of birth: 13.10.1998
Instruments: guitar, bass (the instrument not the fish!), Keys & Drums
Bands & Projects: Dante

Jobs & Qualifications: musician, producer and educator
Favourite music: Jazz, HipHop, Funk, Soul ......
Hobbies/ Interests: music, sociology and fishing

Foto: by Thomas Paelecke